Our product functionalities, business process, commission pricing, commission discounts, commissions free altcoin trading and referral mechanisms are all designed to promote liquidity, performance, execution efficiency and quality listings.




All participants will be charged 0.15% of commissions on volume traded. If users use PLTX tokens to pay trading commissions they can receive a 50% discount.

Referral Program

To motivate users to recruit friends, we will offer 20% referral bonus to users (“U1”) on commissions generated by their direct friends (“F1”) and an extra 20% referral bonus on commissions generated by indirect friends whom their friends referred (“F2”). Each user will have a unique referral code which their friends can use when signing up. The program is active for 1 year starting when the referee signs up.

Designated Market Makers

Plutux will invite experienced quant trading teams to provide liquidity on the exchange platform through our Designated Market Making scheme. Designated Market Makers will enjoy preferential trading commissions and other benefits.

Please contact [email protected] for details of our designated market making scheme if you are interested.


Plutux uses Vert.x as the foundation of the API Service Layer, routing users’ queries to relevant modules with low latency.



Preset Algos

Templated algorithms with specific uses will be available where users only need to fill in key parameters such as trading pair, quantity and time period. Examples include a time weighted average price order (TWAP) and a volume weighted average price order (VWAP). Plutux will charge users in PLTX for using the Preset Algo features.

DIY Algos

We understand users may desire more complex trading tools in their arsenal. Therefore, AllegoTM empowers users who crave flexibility and sophistication to build their own algo strategies using blocks of indicators, logics and actions.

Algo Marketplace

We will encourage DIY Algo builders to publish and share their strategies with the community.

Plutux’s markets team will screen the DIY Algos to ensure they are technically sound, match their descriptions and simultaneously compliant with fair market practices before allowing general user subscriptions. Subscribers will compensate DIY Algo builders through PLTX tokens.




The leaderboard is an ongoing ranking of live users to help us and users gauge their activities.

Leveling System

Plutux features a unique leveling system in which users can gain Experience (EXP) by completing various daily missions and gamified achievements, including trading and non-trading activities. When a sufficient amount of EXP is obtained, users will level up and unlock trading fee discounts and/or other benefits and gifts.


Gamified achievements will cover trading and non-trading activities. Examples include:

  • Reaching designated trading volume
  • Referring friends who successfully trade
  • Opening our application consecutively on a daily basis
  • Using our new and featured functionalities
  • Sharing our press news and functionalities on social media
  • Building and publishing a DIY Algo strategy
  • Users will earn/be rewarded PLTX for leaderboard rankings and achievements from the Prize Pools.

    Prize Pool

    We will set aside a fixed percentage of our trading commissions into a prize pool which we will distribute to users based on the leaderboards ranked by trading volume, completed achievements, deposits and trading performance.


    To make trading fun for retail traders, Plutux will introduce mini-games unique to our ecosystem such as “Quick Attack” and “Volume Tug of War” - effectively providing liquidity on the exchange platform while increasing user engagement. Certain games are also designed to familiarize users with Plutux’s wide range of advance trading tools.

    Airdrop Campaigns

    We will regularly airdrop tokens listed on our exchange and non-token prizes for promotional campaigns and special events.



  • Biometrics authentication within an already secured premise to access cold storage
  • Two factor authentication and multiple signatures used for core security
  • Secured persistent storage system, Hashicorp Vault, to protect master keys
  • Hardware security modules to process and store cryptographic keys inside a tamper resistant devices
  • Protection against distributed denial of service attacks
  • Phishing threat monitoring to watch out for suspicious SSL certificates