Leading Digital Assets Exchange in Asia

Plutux is on track to be the leading digital assets and securities exchange platform in Asia, focusing on the highest quality security token listings in the most compliant, secure and user-friendly product environment under Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission regulatory framework.

Launching in 2019


The world has trillions of assets and securities ripe for digitization. Digitization of assets and securities is a technological innovation that can bring benefits such as increased liquidity, faster settlement, fractional trading, and trustless and immutable transactions. Plutux Exchange provides a trusted liquidity venue for digitized assets and securities, often called “security tokens”, to trade and settle. Plutux is Hong Kong based and Asia focused, initially only accepting professional or accredited investors under a fully regulated framework. Our business and technology are built through top-in-class talent, responsible innovation, and strict adherence to regulations. We are here to lead the digital evolution and trading of assets and securities!


Plutux is in the process of securitizing and digitizing several high yielding fixed income portfolios. Plutux intends to offer the following three categories of digitized assets once the required regulatory licenses are obtained.

Fixed income

Unsecured consumer loans

First & second lien mortgages

Direct corporate loans

Other yield assets


Traditional businesses with stable cash flows

High growth businesses


Real estate

Intellectual properties





Delightful mobile trading experience built from grounds up, optimized for on-the-road trading anytime, anywhere.

Web Trader

Wide screen trading platform tailored for semi-professional and professional traders.

Advanced Trading

Templated algorithms such as TWAP/VWAP/Iceburg to help obtain better trading results.


Best in class security protocols to protect client data and assets.

  • Biometrics authentication within an already secured premise to access cold storage
  • Two factor authentication and multiple signatures used for core security
  • Secured persistent storage system, Hashicorp Vault, to protect master keys
  • Hardware security modules to process and store cryptographic keys inside a tamper resistant devices
  • Protection against distributed denial of service attacks
  • Phishing threat monitoring to watch out for suspicious SSL certificates
  • TEAM

    Our partners have previously worked at top tier financial institutions such as Citigroup, Merril Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Och Ziff. Our larger team consists of alumni from STI Financial Group, GreenTomato, and Harborx (a forex exchange previously founded by STI), with a strong background in trading, investment, licensing, growth hacking, marketing, exchange operations and technology development with an award-winning tech team.


    Amber AI
    Cocoon Ignite Ventures
    STI Financial Group
    Mandra Capital
    XGD Ventures



    Debt & Special Sit Portfolio Owners


    Venture Capital Firms


    Designated Market Markers


    Over the Counter Trading Desks


    We are actively hiring with openings listed on AngelList. Join us now!